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Expressions idiomatiques 

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Voici quelques expressions idiomatiques que vous pourrez utiliser afin de construire des phrases variées à l’oral :

Expressions Significations
About to Almost ready to
Above all Most importantly
Add up Make sense
All at once Suddenly
As a matter of fact In reality
As a rule Generally
At ease Calm
Bank on Depend on
Be my guest Do what you want
Beats me I don’t know
Break down Stop functionning
Break in (on) Interrupt
Brush up on Review
Call off Cancel
Call on Visit
Come across Find
Count on Depend on
Count out Eliminate
Cut off Stop
Die down Become less severe
Do over Do again
Dream up Invent
Easy as pie Very simple
Fall through Fall to happen
Feel free Do something if one wants
Figure out Understand
Fill in Write in a blank


Fill out Complete
Find out Learn
Fix up Repair
For good Permanently
Get carried with Go too far
Get in touch with Contact
Give away Distribute
Grow up To mature
Hand in Give back to
Hand out Distribute
Hang on Wait
Have on Wear
Hear from Be contacted by
Hold up Delay


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