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Conversation Téléphonique

Téléphoner à un ami ou faire un appel d’ordre professionnel en anglais peut être déstabilisant. Voici une liste non exhaustive de phrase à dire lors d’une conversation téléphonique avec un(e) anglophone.

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Answering the phone

1. Name of the company, your name speaking. How can I help you?
2. Name speaking. How can I help you?

Introducing yourself as the caller

1. Good morning / Good Evening /… . This is Name calling from Name of the company.
2. Hello, I’m Name, could I speak with Name?
3. Hello, I’m Name, may I speak with Name.
4. Hello, I’m Name, I’m calling about…. .

Asking for someone / Transferring a call

1. Can I speak to Name?
2. May I speak to Name, (Function)?
3. Yes, she/he is right there. I’ll put you through.
4. I’m sorry, there’s nobody here by that name.

Checking if the person is free to talk

1. Do you have a few moments?
2. Is it a good time to talk?


1. Sorry, can I call you back?
2. Can we postpone to tomorrow? I’m very busy at the moment.
3. Sorry, she/he is not available at the moment. Would you like to leave message?
4. Sorry, she/he is not available at the moment. Can I take a message?
5. Could you give me your phone number please so I can call you back?
6. Let me read that back to you. 06…….

While on the phone

Asking who’s talking

1. May I ask who’s calling?

Asking to wait

1. Please hold the line.
2. One moment please.
3. I’ll be with you in a moment.
4. Please call me back at …. .
5. I’ll call you back later /tomorrow
6. I’ll call you back as soon as I have more information.

Difficulties to hear the person

1. I can barely hear you. What did you say?
2. I didn’t catch what you say.
3. You’re breaking up. Could you call me back?
4. We have a bad connection.
5. Could you say that again?
6. We were cut off.
7. Hello, it’s me again, we got cut off.

Clarifying as a listener

1. So, you mean that…
2. So, just to summarise, we agree to…
3. So, to put it simply,…

Returning a call

1. Hi again, this is Name returning your call.
2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

Asking additional questions before ending the conversation

1. While I have you on the line, I have a question about…
2. Oh, just one thing I wanted to ask you…
3. So, is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Ending the conversation

1. I will keep you updated on our progress / your request.
2. I will follow up with the requested information soon.
3. I think I have everything I need, thank you!
4. Well it was nice talking with you. Thank you for your help.
5. Thank you, have a nice day.


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